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Membership FAQ

Q1: Who can join Arsenal Bangalore Supporters Club (ABSC)?

A: Any individual interested in supporting Arsenal Football Club, UK, and furthering the objectives of Arsenal Bangalore Supporters Club and residing in Bangalore .

Q2: How do I join?

A: Find an Admin during Screenings and get the process completed. The  online registration form and process is closed for now.

Q3: What does it cost?

A:  The current membership fees are 750 for a full Membership , 300 for Student Membership ( up-to 21 yrs and studying )  and 100 for Goonerette Membership.  Membership runs for one year, from 1 August to 31 July of the following year. The membership fees are the same throughout the year, i.e. there are no discounts for joining after the season has started.

Q4: Do i pay first time registration fee every year ?

A: No you don’t. The first time registration fee is only collected from you when you apply for membership for the first time . This is currently not charged for new members.


Q5: What types of membership are there?

A: There are three basic types of roles .

1) Student member

All members going for student membership which is ideally for those who are under 21 and are studying become Student members’ of the club. An student member can participate in meetings and club events, join discussions and provide feedback on club activities. They can also take up admin work however does not have voting rights at the AGM .

2) Full member

Memberships are open to all above the age of 18 years.Full access to the supporters club and have voting rights at AGM along with chance to take up admin roles.A Full member can participate in meetings and club events, vote at AGMs , stand for office to the executive committee, join discussions and influence the decision making process of club activities.

3) Goonerette Member

Any Arsenal Lady supporter in Bangalore who wants to be part of Arsenal Bangalore group and support us . Cannot be part of voting in AGM but can take up admin positions ( Need to take the Full Membership for these rights ) .

3) Committee member

These are also ordinary members and are responsible for running the club. The committee is formed each two years by an election at an AGM.

Q6: What are the benefits?

A: All members receive:

A membership card.

A Membership Kit which would include Arsenal Bangalore merchandise .

Offers on merchandise from ABSC .

Access to match tickets at Emirates Stadium through ABSC.

Members can also participate in club activities, such as joining with other Arsenal fans to watch live games and attend other club events.

Q7: What documents do I need to submit to join?

A: “Arsenal Bangalore Membership Form” . An ID proof for all members need to be mailed and for those going for Student membership will have to share their current Student ID to membership@arsenalbangalore.com.
For those below 18 need to share a NOC letter from their parents and mail to our email address membership@arsenalbangalore.com.

Q8: When will I receive my Membership approval?

A: All applicants are treated as “pre-approved” upon submission of application form.

In the event of unsuccessful application the committee will notify the applicant. A full refund will be made.

Q9: When can I collect my membership card and membership kit?

A: Barring unforeseen circumstances new members will usually be notified within 6-8  weeks of closure of the membership drive that his/her membership card and membership kit will be ready for collection or shipped across to the Bangalore Address.

Q10: When do I have to renew my membership?

A: Membership runs from 1 August to 31 July each year. Memberships must be renewed before 30 September to be considered as continuous. Any renewals after 1 October will not be taken.

Q11: What should I do if I lose or damage my membership card?

A: Members should report the loss of their card to ABSC by email to membership@arsenalbangalore.com. A replacement card will be issued at a fee of 100 Rs.

Q12: What happens if I discontinue my membership? Do I get a refund?

A: No – there are no refunds.

Q13: How can I become an Full member?

A: Any person who chooses to opt for full membership will be by default be a Full Member. The member should submit the documents detailed in Q6 to a committee member.

Q14: Who makes the decision whether to accept a membership application and how?

A: The committee will discuss the application and make decisions on a case-by-case basis. The decision is made by voting.

Q15: Who are the existing full time and committee members?

A: Except ones who choose for student membership are all Full Members. The committee consists of Full members. The committee is responsible for general operating policies, procedures, guidelines, and other related matters affecting the ABSC as a whole.


President :Arshad
Secretary :Vinay
Treasurer :Jomy

Admin : Vivek

Committee members and responsibilities:

Vice-Secretary & Match Tickets Manager :
Vice-Treasurer :
Community Events :
Merchandise Manager :
Web Admin :
Merchandise & Web Support :
anything can be added ..

Q16: How do I apply for match tickets?

A: Arsenal Bangalore members are entitled to apply for match tickets one month after becoming a member. For further details, see our “Tickets” section.

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