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Executive Committee

We have the office bearers elected for a 2 year term . Below are the few of the prominent ones who take care of the Arsenal Bangalore Supporters Club.

Arshad Azad Hussain- Arsenal Bangalore President


They say a man cannot choose three things: his parents, the religion he is born into and his boss!” And I believe the club you follow falls into the same category of something you ‘consciously’ choose.

There is no specific moment, no specific date, no specific incident or time that can be demarcated as the exact second I turned into a Gooner. Looking back, all I can remember is that for more than a decade now I have shared the joys and sorrows of a team thousands of miles away as if it was one of my own, a family if you will.

With Arsenal Bangalore we are now able to share these special moments with Gooners from in and around Bangalore and have managed to create an extended family of ‘sorts’. We hope to be able to continue this journey and support The Arsenal every possible moment. We hope to do things right, Do things ‘The Arsenal Way ‘.


Vinay Prabhakar- Arsenal Bangalore General Secretary


Vinay is the name, a diehard Arsenal fanatic is the way to fame. A quality manager only by profession but I would say that I am an Arsenal ‘realist’.

‘Arsenal’ is synonymous emotions for me. The football club influences my emotions more than anyone or anything. I can truly understand what it means to be happy or how it feels to be distraught thanks to Arsenal.

An upcoming week, a weekend plan, a daily routine everything is planned keeping in mind Arsenal’s scheduled and games.

As famously said, my life revolves around the football season rather than the calendar. So close to 10 months in a year goes in watching AFC and spend the other 2 months counting the seconds until we get to see them play again.

They say you do not choose the club, the club chooses you. Well it is fairly apt in my case. No second team, no admiration for anyone else, not even grudging respect, I live and die by one team and that is my team for life, The Arsenal.

One life, one love, one football club- The Arsenal. It’s my world, its Arsenal world.

I am the General secretary of Arsenal Bangalore Supporters Group, a group formed about 9 years back with 5 people which today boasts of being officially recognized by The Arsenal as their supporters group and which has thousands being a part. It is a privilege and an honor to manage the group yet it is easy for we all have one reason to be in it together- Arsenal.


Jomy Mathew Jose-Arsenal Bangalore Treasurer


I walk, talk, sleep, dream, eat, drink and even fart football! Am I’m proud to say that I follow the best club in world.

I’ve been a football fan for more than 2 decades and an Arsenal fan for the most part of the later years . Years of following has made me not to just love the game but also to look from a CRITIC point of view , which means i will never simply be a blind believer of individuals. However the equation with Arsenal is an emotional one and I have always been a die-hard believer in the club.

I’ve been part of the supporters group for about 5 years and love the idea of doing something back for the club you love in your home town in some capacity of my own. But most of all, I love the way this club has given me a platform to meet and interact with a lot of wonderful fans in our region. This has become my second home and my family just keeps growing bigger every year.

Vivek Vijayakumar – Arsenal Bangalore Committee Member & Online Administrator


Rocastle once said “Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent”, this is applicable to the supporters as well, if you’re not proud of the club then you have no right calling yourself a Gooner, well it’s what I believe at least.

I’ve been supporting Arsenal for a little over a decade now. Truth be told it’s been an absolute roller coaster ride, one fueled by myriad emotions: sadness, joy, zeal or completely agony… Such is the attachment to Arsenal F.C, it’s more than just something we do on a weekend, it’s what we build our everyday lives and schedules around. I were to look back at life, all I can see is Arsenal, it’s quite literally what my life has circled around these past many years. There’s nothing I’d rather do on an everyday basis, constantly and unconditionally than to just follow Arsenal, even when there are times of discontent, all you need to do is think of the fact that you get to see boys in red and white step onto the Emirates green in 2,3,4,5 or 6 days time suddenly the world isn’t such a bad place my trouble suddenly look much more manageable. Simply put, Arsenal Football Club is a part of life that can’t be done justice to with all the adjectives in the world.

I’m also an office bearer for Arsenal Supporters Club Bangalore, only the second supporters club to be officially associated with Arsenal F.C in India and the 12th in Asia. It’s an absolute privilege to be part of a group that’s all about the supporters who are thousands of miles away yet follow Arsenal as though their life depended on it.

Oooh to be a Gooner!! Wouldn’t have it any other way



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