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What makes an Arsenal fan special? He is one who never ever gives up on his team. All fans may say the same about their respective team but an Arsenal fan means it.

Thousands of miles away from North London a few fans here in Bangalore decided to come together under one  roof for one common reason-the love for Arsenal and thus Bangalore Gunners was formed. 8 years and counting, the numbers which started with a few now has manifolded into thousands.

In the year 2013 the group got recognized by Arsenal . As being one of Arsenal’s recognized supporters group the group that was initially going by the name of Bangalore Gunners got named as Arsenal Bangalore Supporters Club (ABSC).

We are Gooners alright , for everything concerning Arsenal affect our lives like no other thing does.  We watch the games, when Arsenal win we celebrate as if we achieved something, when the Gunners lose we feel as if we lost someone of our very own. Its an indescribable feeling what Arsenal mean to us.

Arsenal Bangalore today consists of members who come from length and breadth of the city to be a part of the group. Each and everyone in this group are bonded by the one fact that we all love Arsenal. The group has became one big family for each one has the same passion and commitment towards making this group the best supporters group in the world. We dont need to be pushed in doing things for the Supporters Group or for the Club  as for us we do it because its a matter of heart and passion.

The website, the merchandise, the forum, the panel and above all the members here are a part of our humble way of showing to the world what “Arsenal Bangalore” do and how much we love Arsenal Football club.

Join us today fellow Gooners for we are proud of who we are and who we support.

“Victory through Harmony” says Arsenal, “Arsenal till i die” say Arsenal Bangalore.

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